Vision ** Vision ** Vision **


IATL aims to strengthen and enrich leadership in the world of theatre by:

  • promoting dialogue and exchanges between leaders across disciplines, from programming and curating to criticism, creative writing and academic research
  • facilitating community development through cultural connectivity and universal leadership values, towards a lasting cultural legacy
  • initiating new leadership programmes with the intention of raising awareness about theatre and enhancing theatrical literacy
  • stimulating the interest of various public and private agencies in supporting and funding theatre projects
  • bringing together leaders of institutions and leaders of opinion, for a shared perspective on theatre‚Äôs vital role in the society at large
  • ensuring equal opportunity for theatre leaders of all races, genders and backgrounds
  • empowering new generations of theatre leaders around the world

Mission ** Mission ** Mission **


The mission of IATL is to encourage, support and promote cultural leadership in the field of theatre and performing arts. Regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity, age or political orientation, the members of the association gather in the spirit of shared values and the belief that theatre is not a commodity, but a cultural necessity of humankind.

Beyond their respective professional engagements in various capacities and geographic regions, the association provides its members with a platform for constant connectivity, global dialogue and cross-cultural exchange of ideas and resources.

An important dimension of the mission of IATL is to nourish young leadership in theatre and performing arts, particularly in disadvantaged communities, through mentoring, networking and empowerment.

Goals ** Goals ** Goals **


The main purpose of the association is to facilitate global networking, worldwide projects and transnational exchanges between theatre and performing arts leaders. In order to achieve this, IATL will:

  • initiate programmes and events that will bring together theatre leaders from different parts of the world
  • sustain the visibility of regional sections and their respective portfolio of activities
  • establish a good practice of fair, open, and accessible communication between its members
  • promote and defend freedom of artistic expression in the world of theatre
  • cooperate with other global, regional or national theatre and cultural organisations in a concerted effort to consolidate faith in the meaning and the benefits of performing arts for individuals and communities
  • offer know-how support and management advice to emerging leaders and start-up independent theatre projects

Structure ** & ** Operating ** strategy **

Structure & Operating strategy

The structure of IATL involves the Executive Board, the Advisory Board, Boards of Regional Sections, elected fellowship and general membership.

  • The Executive Board consists of accomplished leaders, whose role in the association is to provide direction and know-how.
  • The Advisory Board includes well-known international leaders, who will be consulted exclusively for advice and final approvals.
  • The Boards of Regional Sections comprise the key members involved in the management and the administration of each respective section.
  • Fellowship is granted upon the decision of both the Executive Board and the Advisory Board.
  • Membership is granted upon the decision of the Executive Board, at individual request or the request of the Board of the Regional Section.
  • Eligibility for both Fellowship and Membership is based on CV and professional recognition.

Team ** & ** Administrative ** partner **

Team & Administrative partner

IATL has a Founder & President, Presidents of Regional Sections, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, a PR Manager and two Media Officers. They, together with the Executive Board, meet biannually or any time it is required. A General Assembly takes place every year, and is open to all membership. The meetings take place physically and/or online.

The association has been officially registered in Hong Kong under LEAD, and has its own website for general communication, as well as its own Social Media platforms. These are managed by the General Secretariat and the PR Manager. The use of its logo and patronage is allowed only after written approval has been granted by the General Secretariat. The logo can be used by Regional Boards at their discretion, provided that it has been adapted to their geographic specificity.

The headquarter of the association is in Hong Kong.