IATL & THERME GROUP: together for the future of theatre leaders

The IATL is honoured to announce that THERME GROUP – a leading global technology company and integrator of health, sustainability, and recreation concepts based in Austria, with branches and subsidiaries on all continents – has become its official strategic partner.

Benefiting from the close oversight of Dr. ROBERT C. HANEA, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Therme Group, the partnership is driven by the shared belief that wellbeing is the foundation of successful communities, where culture has a long-lasting impact.

Global dialogue and cross-cultural exchange of ideas and resources stand at the core of this unique collaboration that brings together Therme Group, the worldwide pioneer of inclusive wellbeing, and theatre leaders from all over the world. This partnership will strengthen and enrich leadership in the world of theatre by focusing on the long-term vision and sustainable planning for the future of the arts sector.

Discover more about Therme Group here.