is now the official partner of the newly established International Association of Theatre Leaders [IATL].

Magda Romanska, Editor-in-chief, has joined the Executive Board of IATL and will be directly involved in the forthcoming global projects of the association.

The International Association of Theatre Leaders [IATL] was launched in the context of Sibiu International Theatre Festival on the 3rd of July 2022. Unlike all other professional entities of the theatrical world, IATL is an organization exclusively dedicated to nourishing and promoting the values of leadership in performing arts. Its Advisory Board includes personalities such as Sir Jonathan Mills (Director Edinburgh Culture Summit and former Director of Edinburgh International Festival), Constantin Chiriac (President of Sibiu International Theatre Festival), Jean Guy Lecat (the legendary space designer of Peter Brook’s Le théâtre des Bouffes du Nord), Stan Lai (China’s most prominent theatre director and playwright), Yvette Hardie (Honorary President of ASSITEJ) amongst others. Its Executive Board consists of some of the most active and proactive culture leaders of the global theatre scene. Amongst them are Jaroslaw Fret (Director of the Grotowski Institute), Bernice Chan (Cultural Curator and Examiner for Hong Kong Arts Development Council), and Taiwo Afolabi (Director of the Centre for Socially Engaged Theatre).

The founder and president of IATL, Professor Octavian Saiu, has declared:

“It is a special moment for our association and, I dare add, for the world of performing arts. We welcome this partnership with, the most dynamic and impressive theatre publication of the global public sphere.

Since its launch in November 2016, has published over 4,800 articles and theatre reviews covering theatre in 90 countries and regions. With 32 thematic sections, more than 150 Regional Managing Editors, and over 60 media partners around the world, has grown to be the most far-reaching and comprehensive global theatre portal today.

It is also with great enthusiasm that I am announcing a new member of the Executive Board of IATL: Magda Romanska, a true advocate of critical thinking in the culture of contemporary theatre.

I would like to thank all those numerous colleagues who have expressed their excitement about, and interest in IATL. We are already present in forty-two different countries on five continents.”

IATL will soon announce its first global project: the International Workshop Series for Emerging Theatre Leaders. This initiative is primarily meant to provide leaders from developing countries with a platform for transnational connectivity, enabling them to implement projects in their respective local settings. The series will have three stages, and will involve various cultural organisations from around the world. The cultural dissemination provided by will be crucial to the accessibility and openness of the entire process.